WG 2: Institutionalizing Digital Grassroots

WG2: Institutionalizing Digital Grassroots

Leader: Maryja Supa – maryja.supa@fsf.vu.lt

Co-Leader: Carlos Cunha  – cunhacdowling@yahoo.com


WG2 is focused on the interactions between grassroots movements and official institutions — both at national and pan-European levels. From the underground to the mainstream and back again, its goal is to trace how ideas have moved and transformed the creative computing field across European regions.

In 2023 the main focus of the group is on the right to repair and sustainability in computing. In the following years up to 2026, the group will also explore the development of media formats across borders before and after the Iron curtain, advocacy of user privacy, homogenisation of copyright law in Europe.


The group encourages interdisciplinary cooperation between academics from numerous disciplines. Furthermore, the activities will aim to involve members of hackerspaces, informal movements, and NGOs, to share their experience and contribute to the group’s work.

Outputs will include open educational resources, white papers, a hybrid exhibition on East-West media transfers, as well as conference presentations and workshops.

Within the broader Action, the results created by WG2 will reveal the institutional influence both historic and contemporary cultures of creative computing. 


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