WG 3: Digital Grassroots as European Cultural Heritage

WG3: Digital Grassroots as European Cultural Heritage

Leader: Miroslaw Filiciak –

Co-Leader: Kieran Nolan – kieran.nolan@dkit.ie


Creative computing practices at the grassroots level are diverse and encompass activities conducted by various community groups located all across the continent and beyond. These practices have played a significant role in European culture, shaping the landscape of digital industries.

We aim to make this knowledge as widely available as possible and make it part of the ongoing conversation about the future of digital Europe. We also seek to strengthen the presence of creative computing practices in the activities of cultural content-archiving institutions.


Grassroot digital activities are part of our history and are an example of more bottom-up and diverse technological pursuits.

Hence, we assess the heritage work dedicated to preserving creative computing cultures throughout Europe, identify the best practices, and improve and promote them through public outreach via our network.


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