The 2nd GRADE conference will take place on June 12-13, 2024 and will be hosted by Dundalk Institute of Technology (Dundalk, Ireland).

Preliminary programme

Main location: Room P1139, PJ Carroll Building.

Wednesday, June 12

10:00-11:00Working Group 1 discussion (Digital Grassroots Across Europe)
11:00-12:00Keynote: Steve Collins
11:00-13:00Repair cafe (outside the DkIT Canteen)
12:00-14:00Lunch break (DkIT Canteen)
14:00-14:30Talk by Jack O’Sullivan, Zero Waste Ireland
14:30-15:30Working Group 2 discussion (Institutionalizing Digital Grassroots)
16:00-16:30Day 1 wrap-up
Day 1 social event:

Thursday, June 13

10:00-11:00Melanie Swalwell, Helen Stuckey, Cynde Moya “Born Digital Cultural Heritage: Histories and Futures”
11:00-12:00Working Group 3 workshop: European Federation of Video Game Archives
12:00-14:00Lunch break (DkIT Canteen)
14:00-15:00Keynote: Winnie Soon
15:30-16:30Publishing Advice, Reflection, Future Plans
Day 2 social event:
Food and drinks in Blackrock village, 19:00 onwards.

Keynote speakers

Steve Collins photo

Steve Collins

Steve Collins a CTO, investor, entrepreneur, and academic. Steve founded the Trinity College ISG Lab (now the Graphics and Vision Discipline), dedicated to research into computer graphics, vision and animation and also created the MSc. program for Entertainment Technology at Trinity College. He works with startups as a mentor and investor, and has been a visiting professor at Goldsmiths and Trinity College Dublin. Most recently he was CTO of King (of Candy Crush fame) and led their technology strategy and shared technology organisation for 4 years. In 1998 he co-founded Havok, the leading real-time physics and animation solution provider to the game industry, acquired by Intel in 2007. His current work focuses on promoting innovation in AI and machine learning, virtual reality, and augmented reality

Winnie Soon 

Winnie Soon is a Hong Kong-born award-winning artist coder and researcher interested in the cultural implications of digital infrastructure and their power asymmetries, with a particular interest in computational publishing, code and software. Their artistic and scholarly works engages with themes such as Free and Open Source Culture, Coding Otherwise, artistic/technical manuals, digital censorship and minor technology. Currently, they are Associate Professor of Art and Technology at UCL – Slade School of Fine Art and visiting researcher in the Centre of the Study of the Networked Image (CSNI), London South Bank University.  Winnie is the co-editor of the Software Studies Book Series (MIT Press) and Co-PI of the research project Digital Activism, among other things. More info: www.siusoon.net